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Why?Camden needed a true computer dealer. Ever look for a cable or a part but the local mall electronic store clerk just gave you a blank stare?. Did you want answers only to find you knew more about the problem than the guy behind the counter? A place where you could get straight answers about the purchase of a new system (Not just someone trying to get rid of old inventory). A place where you can buy a system, software, upgrades, service, parts, technical support, etc. all under one roof. And at a good price.

This is where we come in........

Custom Built?

Did you ever walk into a supply house and see many computers but none had everything you wanted? Wish you could throw them all in a pile and then pick the components you wanted. That is the beauty of the way we offer systems. You choose what you want and we build it.

Benefits of Custom Built vs Pre-Packaged:

  1. You get to choose the configuration. You determine how much memory, the processor speed, hard disk size, etc. Say you wanted the hottest video card on the market. No problem. Pre-packaged systems do not give you this flexibility. You are stuck with what they give you. Due to competition, these systems must cut corners. With our systems, you choose the performance level you need for each component.
  2. Industry Standard Components. What this means is every single part is available through any dealer like ourselves anywhere in the country and can be changed at a later date with the latest and greatest on the market. Pre-packaged systems are proprietary and you have to go back to that manufacturer for parts. What happens is that after years, replacement parts dry up.Pre-packaged systems also do not have an Industry Standard Case meaning you are limited in your upgrade ability. You wont be able to change out the main board with what is current on the market.You would be stuck having to sell it used and buy a new system.
  3. Upgradeability. Because of our systems industry standard components, you can upgrade for far less than a new system. The industry changes very fast and you dont want to be stuck with a system that cannot change with the times.
  4. Built one at a time. Not only does this ensure the quality of the unit but it means you are getting the most up-to-date system on the market. Our systems have not been sitting on shelves for months. With Pre-packaged systems, you have to look at the time factor in a production run. Pre-packaged systems were designed months before hand and will not have the most current components. We catch price drops, new advances and trends weeks (even months) ahead of pre-packaged systems.
  5. Support. Have a question. Just call us or stop on in. You do not have to wait for long periods of time on 800 lines just to answer simple questions. You will be talking to the same people who sold you your system.
  6. Service.We handle everything for you. Most repair work is done at our site. Even Monitors will be repaired. This gives you quick turn-around on those very few occasions service is needed.

Store Hours

Mon - Fri 10AM to 6PM

Saturday 10AM to 1PM


PC Medics

2319 N. Broad Street

Camden, SC 29020

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