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PCM Software

- Warranty & Licensing -


    You must buy 1 copy of a control for each computer used in design.
        ex. - Say you design a program on 1 computer and sell 1,000
                copies you would only need to buy one copy of the control.
             - Say you design a program on 10 computers and only sell 1
                copy you must buy 10 copies of the control

    Discounts on buying multiple copies of a control are available please
    write us at
    Include how many copies you are interested in. 


    You get a 30 day limited warranty with purchase of any PCM Software
    product, We will replace the product absolute free for up to 30 days for
    any reason.
    * No Money will be refunded for any reason,  you have an unlimited
    trial period to evaluate our products.


* All Active X Controls / Tools have been tested for Visual Basic 6.0 Only
We will do our best to work with people using other platforms but will not 
guarantee all controls will work on all platforms